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In Memory of my Mom

I am here today because my mother chose me. She chose to be a mother. That’s the greatest gift a mother can give: life!

As I work to complete this first book, I’m sad I don’t have the chance to share this with my mom. And I missed the opportunity to record her life, her dreams, her thoughts, her disappointments. I would tell you not to miss that opportunity with your loved ones. You think you have so much

time but one day, they take their last breath and their life story to heaven. However, instead of focusing on what I missed, I am grateful for all I had.

On the outside, Mom—or Anna Rempel—appeared to be a simple, hardworking, loving person—a friend to everyone. Yet she was so intelligent and forward-looking. Mom poured me coffee and tea at faspas (Mennonite breaks at four p.m.), then poured into me her life’s lessons. We were very close, so I listened to everything she had to say. I treasured our relationship. And, of course, I was devastated when she left us.

Mom taught me life skills that I work to pass on to my children and grandchildren. She walked the talk. I remember telling me time and time again, when she found issues in her life that were difficult—problems that could have taken the wind out of her sails—her secret antidote was to go to her closet and fall to her knees. She knew God would listen and help her through the bad times. He did!

Once I was married, I would go visit her. She always made time for us to pray together. “If life is too hard to stand, then kneel!” She taught me well.

One time, Mom gave me $100 in cash. I went and bought an expensive Bible with the money. Then, on September 28, 2003, Mom signed that Bible—my forever B-I-B-L-E—Basic Instructions Before Leaving Earth!

After she passed on February 9, 2008, we found a handwritten note that she had composed two months prior in December. She thanked each and every one of her family members for caring for her during her battle with ovarian/pancreatic cancer. And she encouraged each of her children to cast all our concerns before God because He cares for us. She asked for us siblings to work together in love and to be a light in this world. Then she ended the note admonishing her grandchildren to listen to their parents for that is the will of God. It was very solid advice from a true born-again Christian.

I have big shoes to fill, (which you would think might be easy since I wear a size 12 shoe.) I would love to physically share a copy of this book with her, but in my heart I know that she lives not only through me, but every one of us as we practice what she experienced through salvation: The Golden Rule—Do unto others as you would have them do unto you. Mom demonstrated for us to love each other, forgive each other, pray about it, and never give up.

Let’s keep alive good memories that we have experienced. And if you can’t speak of great memories, then be the person that is making positive ones. I know Mom would be proud

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